Broco mirrors have a reflection rating that always exceeds 92%. This is one of the fundamental features inherent in the quality of our mirrors.

The copper coating in conventional mirrors can be oxidised by chemical reactions through the paint (especially polymerisation agents in the adhesives used to fix mirrors in place).
When the copper coating has oxidised completely, the copper oxide (which is brownish in colour) diffuses through the silver coating and reaches the point where the glass and silver meet, causing brownish stains. This defect, which is called cloud, appears on most conventional mirrors with a layer of copper. However, it does not appear with Broco mirror products.

Resisting the most violent chemical attacks with a 50% reduction in black edge creep, makes Broco Mirror a quality choice for fully framed bathroom mirrors. Black edges and spots are the sure signs that the mirror is starting to deteriorate. Broco Mirror has no copper coating usually associated with conventional dual coat mirror production. Conventional mirror production contains a metalic copper coating to protect the silver coating. Upon damage to the copper coating through mechanical abrasion or chemical attack and subsequent exposure to the atmosphere, a reaction takes place which produces 'black spot' or 'edge creep'.

Broco Mirror is manufactured according to a special patented process. They have the following features:

  • no copper coating.
  • two coats of lead free protective paint (<0.2% in weight wet paint).

COPPER FREE - Generally speaking, mirror production couses a major concentration of ammonia in the effluent from the silvering line. Approximately 90% of this ammonia result from the copper platting proceedure.Copper free mirror help processors to respect the environment too, since effluent from shaping and edging operations is totally free of copper.

LEAD FREE - Given the growth and increased stringency of both national and international environment standards, the innovation of lead free paint offers the consumer the choice of more environmentally friendly product. This makes Broco Mirror an excellent alternative for health sensitive environment such as the home, child care centres, schools, hospital etc.