Visual of Typical IGU Construction

An insulating glass (IG) unit is make up of two or more parallel sheets of glass, held apart by alumunium spacer bars, to make up a windows, or facade.

The spaces in between the glass sheets are usually filled with dry air to avoid condensation that could result from temprature differences between the inner and outer sheets.

The main purpose of these spaces is to improve the insulating characteristics of the IG units. either against heat (thermal insulation) or against noise(noise reduction). In certain cases dry air is substituted with a specific gas.
the insulating characteristics itself are affected by the

  • Space between the glass sheets
  • Type of glass
  • The air, or type of gas used to substitute air

Product ranges cover the following :

  1. IG unit with normal float glass
  2. IG unit with safety glass
  3. IG unit hard coat reflective glass
  4. IG unit with soft coat
  5. IG unit with special gas

IG units can be produced with one or more spacer bars as required.
Apart from that, IG units can be combined with Georgian Bars (decorative divided glass), to give that special looks.

As an illustration the average noise reduction of windows using various material compares as follows :

Noise Reduction
- Single glass sheet
24 dB
- IG unit 4/12/4 mm
33 dB
- IG unit 4/12/4 mm with   special gas
35 dB
- IG unit, with laminated glass   (4-1.52-4)/18/8 mm and   special gas
48 dB

With the average city noise level ranging around 65dB - 75dB, the maximum recomended noise level at hospitals of 38 dB could never be reached, or even be approximated, without the use of IG units.

IG units, with glass sheets of differing thickness, can also effectively avoid resonance.

The use of IG units also ensures safety. All the glass used is of safety glass material, which is achieved either by heat strengthening or the use of laminated glass. Hence, IG units for windows, if combined with the right hardware, provide, next to thermal insulating properties, also a safety aspect. Or, become even burglar proof.