Professionally Manufactured with Precision
The timeless elegance and beauty of true raised panels and mouldings are created by use of Medium Density Fiberboard. MDF is reprocessed wood product and are more stable with changes in whether and humidity and over time they will resist warping and cracking.

Its solid core for reduced noise transmission further enhances the strong stile and rail construction of these 1 3/4" thick doors.

· 1 3/4" Thick
· True Raised Panels & Molding
· Hardwood Stile and Rail Construction
· One piece MDF Skin
· Reduced Noise Transmission
· 20 Minute Fire Rating

Currently 8 of our most popular designs are in-Stock and available for quick ship program. They can be ordered in 5 standard widths and 3 standard heights.

* Elegant Series Pocket Doors Are Available (Please see Pocket Doors for details)


**Custom Styles and Sizes are available. Please see refer to Pre-Fit and Special Order Sales for details.

Widths :
2'0" 2'8"
2'4" 3'0"

1'6" Up to 3'6" Available Special Order

6'8" 8'0"
Up to 10'0" Available Special Order

The use of one-piece MDF skins for lamination allows for easy application of smooth finishes and faux applications. If you were to over traditional stile and rail door, over time the paint between the stiles and the rails would crack due to humidity. These will never happen to Elegant Series Doors, Guaranteed.

Trimming and hanging is made convenient by the use of hardwood sides for screw holdings, 1 1/2" top and side rails and generous 2" bottom rail.