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We manufacture and stock a wide variety of solid core, interior doors in many styles, finished and sizes and offer an extensive special order program including pre-fitting.

Fire Rating (Click for detail)
Broco fire rated doors are certified by Intertek Testing Services (Warnock-Hersey) with a 20-minute positive pressure fire rating. This means that the doors willstand 20 minutes of heat in the event of a life.

3 to 5 Day Delivery Advantage
Order within 3-5 days. Our efficient distribution centers continuously monitor inventory levels to ensure immadiate fulfillment of in-stock product orders.

In addition to its strength and smooth finish. Medium density fiberboard is an environmentally sound wood product, innovative techniques in harvesting and manufacturing optimize the use of resources to create a building material that is economical and versatile.


Our doors are built with pride and the finest craftsmanship. If 5 years from the purchase date, there is a manufacturing defect we will repair or replace the door within the parameters set forth in our statement of Limited Warranty.

Whether it is Elegant Series or Accent Doors, you can be assured that at Broco will give you our Best.